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IAB has taken the initiative of identifying employer needs and then placing students whose skill and capability match the requirement in the right position.

This has facilitated employment for the visually challenged in several hotels, hospitals, schools, engineering industries, logistic companies and IT industry. IAB has the distinction of enabling about 1400 visually challenged people to find employment in the private sector.

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Higher Secondary Special School

I.A.B. Higher Secondary School established in June 1992, the IAB Higher secondary school for the visually challenged imparts technology aided quality education...

Computer Literacy

Computer Literacy

In Students acquire a range of computer skills such as ABC's of computers, keyboard typing, Internet use, Software packages like MS Office and advanced windows functionality...

BPO Training

BPO Training

In Students are trained in client center communication etiquette, English and Hindi and special training in industry specific knowledge such as Retail Telecom...

Basic Engineering

Basic Engineering

Started in 2010 this program trains visually challenged people to operate machines. This initiative addresses the employment needs of the visually challenged people who are not graduates...