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Indian Association for the Blind


Working Towards Self-Sufficiency

Visually impaired mid aged male binding a braille book

Since inception the primary goal of IAB has been to make the visually challenged independent in every which way. Apart from providing education that equips students with knowledge, confidence and independence, IAB takes several initiatives to ensure that its students are highly employable. Comprehensive skill training is imparted to train students in areas of their interest and to enable them to access mainstream employment opportunities.

Visually impaired school kids working on computer with smiling face wearing headphones

Computer training

Realizing the importance of computer literacy, IAB began its IT programme in 2005 with specially qualified Teachers. ...


Visually impaired female BPO employee wearing headphones smiling at the viewer

BPO training

BPO skills and are gainfully employed through the active on campus employment cell. Students have found placement in Tata DoCoMo, Sun Direct and other well-known
organisations. ...


Pair of male hands binding a braille book with a binding machine

Printing and book binding training

This is the latest initiative from IAB that began in 2013. The training programme aims to impart useful printing and packaging skills to the visually challenged. ...


Benefeciaries preparing for exam using laptop and braille books at finishing school

Finishing school

Besides vocational training IAB coaches visually challenged students to confidently take up competitive exams for public and private sector jobs. ...


Pair of hands drilling a rod with drilling machine

Basic engineering

IAB established a basic engineering course in 2010 that trains visually challenged students to operate machines. The useful initiative also addresses the employment needs of the visually challenged who are non-graduates. ...


My goal has always been equality of opportunities and experience for people with visual disabilities. People need to be sensitized to the potentials and problems. of the visually impaired. They are no different from others. Typically society tends to overestimate the disability and underestimate the potentials of people with disabilities
reiterates Jinnah.