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Braille book stall by IAB at 12th Madurai book fair

The existing Braille production house of IAB has been serving these children with Braille books for past 12 years. At the same time visually challenged children, people, and teachers are not able to access and select their interest books as there is no specific Braille Book Shop in their own living City.

Opportunity for Visually Challenged:
Through the Exhibition, separate Braille book stall gives wide opportunity for them to find, choose from the variety of books displayed and enhance their knowledge as par with sighted general community. The following benefits will be received by visually challenged through Braille Book Stall.

1. Easy access and variety of Braille book choices in their own living place. Not only text books other books such as story books, kid’s books, additional reading books, general books are also accessible.

2. It is helpful for teachers, students and visually challenged parents to buy books at their door steps to teach, study and for additional reference.

3.  Friends, well wishers and general sighted visitors of book stall who are willing to gift their visually challenged friends could be able to access to these Braille books and be part of their knowledge enhancement.

We are very grateful to BAPASI for giving us opportunity in participating in Madurai Book Fair. Our Braille press feeds visually challenged to read and enjoy through our Braille publications. Kindly grace the occasion with your presence and sharing to the rest of the world.

Event           : IAB in Madurai Book fair
Stall No        : 153
Venue           : Thamukkam Ground, Madurai
Date            : 2nd September to 12th September
Time            : 11 am till 9pm

Image of the invitation to the book fair